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How strategic partnerships can accelerate new functionality and value for your TMS
In this webinar, Freightflow joins with Trucker Tools to discuss the challenges, opportunities and benefits of a strategic partnership strategy designed to leverage best-of-breed providers to quickly deploy high demand features into its TMS platform. Among the topics to be discussed:

• Defining needs, assessing potential integration opportunities for complementary best-of-breed apps to fill gaps and add quick value.
• Knowing what to look for in a technology partner; the importance of culture and alignment with vision and mission.
• What Freightflow gained by integrating with Trucker Tools Smart Capacity, how that responded to user needs for high-impact features and functionality, faster.
• Why embracing strategic integrations saves time and money and accelerates time to value for the TMS and its customers.

Butch Peri, founder and chief executive, Freightflow
Diego Prado, CTO, Freightflow
Matt Silver, VP of Partnerships, Trucker Tools


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