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Keeping carriers in your network through an unprecedented peak season
In these unprecedented times, what can brokers do to retain carriers in their network, help them retain experienced drivers, keep them rolling and profitable, and secure sufficient, reliable capacity?

Attend this webinar for expert insights into market trends and effective strategies brokers are employing to keep the freight moving and carriers on board. Sharing his perspectives will be John Schulz, contributing editor for trucking with Logistics Management magazine, and a veteran of 30 years covering trucking and supply chain.

Trends and topics discussed will include:
• How and why is this peak season shaping up as different from past peak seasons?
• What are companies are doing to attract and retain more CDL qualified drivers?
• What’s the biggest factor in experienced drivers retiring?
• What’s the biggest hurdle to new drivers entering the business?
• How are shippers stepping up and helping drivers “turn” their trucks faster?
• What’s the role of technology; how is tech making trucks easier and safer to drive, and saving time for truckers finding their next loads?
• Where will we be a year from now?


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